Selasa, 1 Januari 2013

just numbers.

kopipes dari FB..

If you celebrate the new year, why don't you celebrate the new month? If you celebrate the new month, why don't you celebrate the new day? If you celebrate the new day, why don't you celebrate the new hour? The minutes? The seconds?

Well, you see... There is nothing special with the new year if there's nothing special with every new seconds that will be passing.
Let's just put it that you celebrate it because others celebrate.
So if others were to go to Hellfire, will you wanna walk together with them?

Don't humiliate yourself by letting others pull you by the nose.
Worse is that he/she is someone of different faith.
You are a human being of equal mental faculty.
The difference that we have is because of our faith.

How can we say we are the followers of Muhammad (sallallahu 'alayhi wassalam) when we do things that he didn't initiate? Or we don't do things that he had initiated? Especially in matters of Religion? Do we know how to get closer to Allah by other means other than his (sallallahu 'alayhi wassalam)?

And everything starts from small.
And Allah prefers deeds which are small and consistent.

2012 - you are nothing more than just numbers.

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